Kitchen furniture


tielsa:select the basis of designing a customized kitchen while taking your way of living and working as well your style into consideration. The interplay within the tielsa design assortiment between fronts and countertops creates various possibilities to design your kitchen and living room.

tielsa design­systems
Kitchen design within a system

Individual needs become more important when several people live under the same roof. This is especially true in regard to the different working heights in a kitchen. And since ergonomics plays an ever bigger role in daily life, tielsa offers the perfect solutions in various design systems with its kitchens.

tielsa cabinets
Unlimited options

When it comes to the basic functions of a kitchen, tielsa already has the perfect solutions. A wide range of cabinets and units allows you to achieve the classical main functions of a kitchen such as cooking, washing the dishes, preparing and preserving food. However, this assortment also meets the requirements of other equally important matters such as communication and conviviality.

The tielsa measuring system
The design basis consists of 130 mm

The modular dimensions of tielsa is based on a height of 130 mm. Multiply it by the corresponding factors, and you will have the height of the side cabinets and the floor and wall units.

Interior fittings

You can show or hide as much as you please with tielsa cabinets. It's not only practical, it's also ergonomic.

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