Enjoy safety


tielsa:protect ensures a safe home. All the linked devices can be controlled through the tielsa app while on the go.

Floors with sensors
A floor that helps you when you fall

Domestic accidents are still, unfortunately, quite common. Wouldn't be great if help is requested when you need it? The sensor-controlled floor ("Sens Floor") from the tielsa partner Future Shape  can be controlled with tielsa:protect. So if you ever fall, the floor will register and report the incident. Thus, help can be quickly provided.

Reporting incidents
Linked to the water and fire alarm

To prevent and protect you from incurring noteworthy damages, water and fire alarms support your daily life. tielsa:protect allows the home network to integrate them.

Everything off
Safety in one swoop

Thanks to the tielsa app, you can turn off all the linked devices with just a swipe, whenever needed. This spares you turning off each device on its own.

Push notifications
Live feedback on your smartphone

tielsa:protect allows you to determine the settings for push notifications. Whenever the water or fire alarm is triggered, an alert will be sent to a the group of people preset on your smartphone, allowing you to react promptly to any danger.

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