Movable elements


tielsa:move brings ergonomics into your home. The greatest possible operating comfort is the point at which tielsa starts developing its sophisticated functions for floor and wall units and side cabinets.

The patented hub modules from tielsa can be adjusted to each and every height a body may have.

Height­adjustable modules
Working made perfectly ergonomical

tielsa offers cabinet modules of varied heights that can be adjusted to suit everyone. The hub modules provide you with the possibility of working ergonomically, comfortably, and fatigue-free at an optimal height while ensuring safety for everyone in the kitchen: for the big and small, children, and disabled persons.

Easy-to-open cabinets and storage spaces
Elaborate opening support systems

Drawers and doors can be easily and silently pulled out and opened whenever needed thanks to opening support systems.

tielsa basic
Dishwashing at the optimal working height

The hub module with a built-in sink makes dishwashing much easier than ever before through its adjustable and ergonomically ideal height.

Ergonomics in the wall units with iMove
Optimal storage space usability and reachability

The iMove fittings make reaching the upper parts of your wall units very easy. Make a slight and smooth movement, and the entire cabinet slides out. The hand-friendly grip allows you to easily swivel it outwards and down to the desired height. The lowered iMove can be locked down so that the fitting can be kept stable, and you will be able to work with both hands freely. These movable interior tielsa wall units are available in widths of 60 and 90 cm.

The S-Box taps unused space
The storage module for more individuality

tilesa offers small storage modules called S-Boxes to tap unused space such as the rear parts of very deep countertops. They can be moved upwards when pressed slightly and can just as easily disappear again. This way, you can stow knives or spices easily and practically. S-Boxes can be used in empty spaces and offer you the possibility to design your space.

Pull-out shelves for more storage possibilities
Practical and temporary storage spaces

You can set down your shopping bags on the pull-out shelf built into the side cabinet or stow away the purchased items on the shelf first and then right into the cabinet.

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