The smart home system for your home


tielsa:connect unites your home with more quality of life. It is pre-installed in tielsa kitchens and serves as a central unit to control your house or can be integrated into existing smart home systems. It gives you the comforting feeling of being able to see your home under control. tielsa:connect consists of a box having a universal smart home interface, and the tielsa-app allows you to not only control the kitchen but also many other appliances at a distance using a smartphone.


The pre-installed box can either be used alone or as part of a already existing smart home system. Systems, such as the Philips hue or Homematic, can be controlled by the tielsa app. Continuous development guarantees the integration of further systems of third-party manufacturers and partners in the future too.

No matter how devices are added, tielsa's system is scalable to your needs and has no limit to its integrable devices. Periodic updates guarantee its security and sustainability. The sensor-controlled products of the category tielsa:move are, of course, compatible compatible with tielsa:connect.

Your home in the palm of your hand
Control of the entire house

See what is going on at home: The overview page of the tielsa app shows you the current settings of your devices, lights, and music.

Controlling your devices
Easy control of all devices

With the tielsa app, you filter all the rooms and functions and control all the supported devices and appliances such as lights, sockets, and hub modules.

Integration from tielsa:move
Movement thanks to the app control

The hub modules equipped with a sensor technology and slat cabinet solutions can also be easily controlled through the use of tielsa:connect.

Working height calculator
Calculate your suitable height

Until now, the height of countertops was either set according to the height of the person who mostly cooks or to the average. Thus, it soon becomes clear that the situation in the kitchen is far from optimal for just about all who cook. tielsa allows everyone to choose the suitable working height for themselves. The built-in working height calculator is used to calculate and save the ergonomically recommended working height corresponding to each hub module. The individual arrangement is set according to your dimensions upon configuration. This way, all the kitchen's hub modules can be configured to your personalized settings of the ergonomically perfect working height with just one click.

Your favorite music everywhere

tielsa:connect supports the SONOS music system. This system allows you to listen to your favorite music while working in the kitchen or relaxing in any other room. Simply by using the tielsa app.

Create a pleasant atmosphere
Controlling the lights with the tielsa app

tielsa:connect can be linked to the Philips hue radio-controlled light system. This lets you turn 50 sources of light into innumerable combinations of lights and colors.

Comfort with one click

Save arrangements using the tielsa app


Living spaces, and the kitchen most of all, is used day-to-day as a central point of your life at home in various ways. tielsa:connect takes the corresponding needs into consideration and allows individually predefined atmosphere arrangements to be called up.

For example, with just one click, when mother and son come home at noon, the hub modules for cooking and dishwashing can be set the mother's working height with just one click, the working space can be set to the son's working height who can then do his homework comfortably, the slat cabinet remains closed, and the lights ensure optimum illumination.

When the son goes to bed after dinner, the kitchen can be transformed - with just one click - into an evening lounge, the slat cabinet opens to offer a view of the wine glasses, while some background music makes you relax, a deep purple light creates a unique atmosphere, and the work module is set in bar-height.

tielsa:connect listens
Functional operation by voice command

tielsa:connect offers, in addition to the operating option on your app, the innovative option of touch-free operation. You can move the hub modules, turn the light on or off, change light effects, or choose the track you wish to hear by voice command. The voice command feature can be experienced live by tielsa's business partners in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the beginning of 2016.

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