This kitchen design shows that comfort does not require much space. This compact base unit fits perfectly into the standard floor plan and ensures an effective organization of routine tasks. The stovetop is an adjustable module, yet it has a low height with an integrated front panel. It makes the kitchen easily accessible and makes it possible while seated.

The operating alternative for a quite simple handling was a small mechanical switch that can be used without the need for it to be unlocked.

A simple yet beautiful handle highlights the horizontal plane of the design. The fridge is equipped with an opening support system and can thus be opened with only a slight touch. If you ever make an unintentional use of this feature, with an accidental touch for instance, the fridge will close automatically after just a few seconds.

tielsa finds solutions for even the most individual needs. A wall unit that can be electrically lowered was integrated upon a client's request. This way, it made it possible to reach the tableware and stored food while seated.

Another helping hand is hidden inside the cabinets. The inner swing-out shelf is a further help to its user whenever needed.

Material: LAMINA

The countertop and front are made of LAMINA. The laminate material is particularly robust and is equally suitable for private and public use. The stone structure in lava grey emphasizes the value of the design. This structure is available in white, magnolia white, fango, and sand grey. LAMINA's color range also encompasses white and magnolia white.

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